Our success is based on the experiences gained from the performance of services in the field of hygiene and work at heightS , application of international standards for quality and of course the personnel policies that are implemented with great care by strictly defined rules and norms taught by the already proven world recipes.

What We Offer


Complete maintenance – Interior, equipment and furniture, exterior

We offer: Choosing the time , the job description , dynamics , predicting costs , procurement of materials .


Internal cleaning and external washing of all types of motor vehicles , cars , buses , trucks and we offer aircraft cleaning on-site.

Hard floors

Hard floors

Machine cleaning of marble , granite , stone , ceramic , PVC , rubber and other types of floors that are cleaned with professional machines. These floors are cleaned to a high shine , with the application of 2-3 layers of special protective emulsion.

Embassies and Residences

Embassies and Residences

As a special offer in our sector to hygiene maintain, we form teams of workers to work on diplomatic , consular and residential buildings in the country.
For these items , under a special regime of work , supervision and organization , engaged tested and experienced workers .

Cleaning Facades

Cleaning Facades

SERTA uses professional equipment from world famous manufacturers , and all work is performed by specially trained team of workers. SERTA also offers cleaning services for all types of facade surfaces ( glass , stone, granite … ) .

Billboards mounting

Billboards mounting

Installation of billboards and billboards easy and hard to reach places and heights

Soft floors

Soft floors

Machine washing of carpets , trails , rugs and all types of soft floor coverings that are laundered with machines and tools from the latest generation. We use only professional chemicals from known manufacturers. Washing process is fully adapted to the working time of the client ( weekend night )



From it’s founding until today our company is synonymous for professionalism , efficiency and perfection in the execution of services in the field of hygiene and  work at heights. SERTA is the first cleaning company in Macedonia who established ISO 9001 standard for quality in our working. We, at our company, are fully prepared and committed to meet all the requirements and needs of our clients in the field of hygiene and we offer all solutions for flawless cleaning, whether it be your business premises or your home . We strongly believe that  
cleanliness is very important and is part of ours and your everyday life.


We are a specialized cleaning company that performes their services with professional machines, tools and accessories from world famous manufacturers such as: WAP Nilfisk-Alto Germany, KARCHER Germany, REM ElektroMachinen Germany, TASKI-USA, 3M-USA, TTS-Italy, IPC Euromop Italy. At the same time our company is authorized distributor for WAP Nilfisk-Alto machines, accessories and chemicals.


Our company offers it’s services to more reputable companies which have signed agreements for annual and regular maintenance including many  domestic and foreign offices, shopping centers, hospitals and organizations.


In this occasion we would like to emphasize that SERTA Skopje in its operation has achieved significant successes with models of collaboration for the full undertaking of cleaning, ongoing maintenance, work at heights and other non-essential services  and contracts for various types of services in the field of hygiene and maintenance.

 The following is a reference list of companies in the Republic of Macedonia where we are committed and where we perform cleaning of different character , would especially like to emphasize the established network of employees in all cities and smaller settlements on the territory of our country. We are not able to list all companies where we are committed and we perform services, so in addition we mention some of the major customers that have continued cooperation as follows:


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