Our success is based on the experiences gained from the performance of services in the field of hygiene and work at heightS , application of international standards for quality and of course the personnel policies that are implemented with great care by strictly defined rules and norms taught by the already proven world recipes.

For this purpose SERTA Skopje conducts its services through its dedicated, trained and qualified personnel to perform their duties in individual services :

1. Cleaning of offices, shopping malls, production halls etc.
- Single - general cleaning
- Daily - current ,
- Quarterly and certain dynamics .

2. Machine wash carpets and all kinds of office curtains in her service ,

3. Dry washing their own vehicles and aircraft service on site ( external and internal )

4. Field work (mobile teams ) to :

- Clean the glass on the inaccessible heights ,

- Installation of billboards ,

- LAUNDERING carpets and lounge seating on the spot

- Cleaning of hard floor ( marble floor tiles , terrazzo , etc. . )

- Cleaning of apartments and residential and



- Housing
- Hotels
- Hospitals
- Residences and embassies
- Interiors, equipment and furniture , and exterior facades .

Our company works with modern equipment and facilities by European standards, quality assurance and meets the most stringent criteria of hygiene in all tests . Are equipped is with the latest generation equipment and for the best cleaning .

- Machines for cleaning floors
- Vacuum cleaners
- Ladders and scaffolding
- Equipment for work at heights
- Machines for cleaning high pressure
- Other small tools and accessories
- Environmental chemical cleaners


Soft floors
Machine washing of carpets , trails , rugs and all types of soft floor coverings that are laundered with machines and tools from the latest generation. We use only professional chemicals from known manufacturers. Washing process is fully adapted to the working time of the client ( weekend night )
Hard floors
Machine cleaning of marble , granite , stone , ceramic , PVC , rubber and other types of floors that are cleaned with professional machines. These floors are cleaned to a high shine , with the application of 2-3 layers of special protective emulsion which provides protection of floor surfaces from damage while facilitating their further maintenance.

Cleaning glass facades

SERTA uses professional equipment from world famous manufacturers , and all work is performed by specially trained team of workers. SERTA also offers cleaning services for all types of facade surfaces ( glass , stone, granite ... ) .

Embassies and Residences
As a special offer in our sector to hygiene maintain, we form teams of workers to work on diplomatic , consular and residential buildings in the country.
For these items , under a special regime of work , supervision and organization , engaged tested and experienced workers .

Completely maintenance :
Equipment and furniture

We offer: Choosing the time , the job description , dynamics , predicting costs , procurement of materials .

Internal cleaning and external washing of all types of motor vehicles , cars , buses , trucks and we offer aircraft cleaning on-site.

Wap Machines
Dealership on WAP Nilfisk-Alto machines and means of hygiene and all filter bags for all vacuums.

Billboards mounting
Installation of billboards and billboards easy and hard to reach places and heights
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