From it's founding until today our company is synonymous for professionalism ,  
efficiency and perfection in the execution of services in the field of hygiene and  
work at heights. SERTA is the first cleaning company in Macedonia who  
established ISO 9001 standard for quality in our working. We, at our company,  
are fully prepared and committed to meet all the requirements and needs of our  
clients in the field of hygiene and we offer all solutions for flawless cleaning ,  
whether it be your business premises or your home . We strongly believe that  
cleanliness is very important and is part of ours and your everyday life.
We are a specialized cleaning company that performes their services with professional machines, tools and accessories from world famous manufacturers such as: WAP Nilfisk-Alto Germany, KARCHER Germany, REM ElektroMachinen Germany, TASKI-USA, 3M-USA, TTS-Italy, IPC Euromop Italy. At the same time our company is authorized distributor for WAP Nilfisk-Alto machines, accessories and chemicals.

Our company offers it's services to more reputable companies which have signed agreements for annual and regular maintenance including many  domestic and foreign offices, shopping centers, hospitals and organizations.
SERTA Skopje acts and work with our immediate and surrounding areas since 1993 in the field of hygiene of premises and facilities and work at heights. During this period of development with the help of a dedicated management team SERTA became the first company in the field of hygiene , which since 2005 has implemented QMS quality system requirements of the highest international standard ISO 9001 certification. As a company that cares about the working environment , environment and safety of its employees we implemented system for environmental management requirements by the ISO 14001 standard and system for managing health and safety requirements of the standard OHSAS 18001. Our main feature is the willingness to respond quickly , efficiently and quality of all services required for cleaning and working at heights using a modern machine park , tools and accessories , chemicals from reputable manufacturers with a trained and experienced staff that can be combined in teams to work in a period of 24 hours . All of the above allows us to be able to perform ongoing daily , and general cleaning as required in all buildings, shopping malls , production halls and other buildings with large areas and work at heights and inaccessible places. We want to emphasize the fact that SERTA in his work has achieved significant results with a model of cooperation by taking full function of hygiene and other non-essential services. In its existence so far SERTA is fully committed to its customers offering a suitable solution for their needs and requirements for a cleaner home or work environment and quality , safe and timely execution of all required services in the field of hygiene and work at heights. Our goal is to implement and comply with international trends in hygiene and work under the conditions of our region and thereby maintain and increase ratings and image of a single company that is the best solution for any need in the field of hygiene and work heights.
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